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Chronicles of Narnia Map

360798: The Rose Map of Narnia and Laminated Wall Chart The Rose Map of Narnia and Laminated Wall Chart
By Rose Publishing

Here is a full-color map of the magical world of Narnia. This gorgeous map illustrates the green forests, beautiful castles and places described in all seven of C.S. Lewis' beloved Chronicles of Narnia. With bright colors, it is very close to C.S. Lewis' original map by Pauline Baynes. On the back of this laminated map are reproducible worksheets and teaching tips in chart form, including 9 major biblical parallels in the Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe; map of Narnia and quiz; bio and photos of C.S. Lewis and the wardrobe; Quotes by C.S. Lewis; and a Narnia and Earth Time Line. This map also shows all of the surrounding countries and islands, not just a small portion of Narnia, including: Calormen, Archenland, Tashbaan, Giant's Castle, Lone Islands, Terebinthia, Dragon Island, Dark Island, Ramandu's Island, The End of the World, The Lillies and the Sea People, Cauldron Pool, and more! It measures 19.5" x 26", and is printed on heavy chart paper.


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