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Zoo Theme Picture Books for Kids

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431274: Who"s New at the Zoo? Who's New at the Zoo?
By Susan Knopf / Running Press

Danny Dozer, Barney Backhoe and their friends are building habitats for the new animals at the Deerfield Valley Zoo. As kids read the story and lift the flaps, they can help Danny and his friends do their work, and meet the meerkats, crocodiles, panda bears, and monkeys that are new at the zoo. Recommended for ages 3 to 7.
230033: Good Night, Gorilla Good Night, Gorilla
By Peggy Rathmann / Putnam Juvenile

Good Night Gorilla is a humorous book about a mishcievous gorilla. The zookeeper was making his nightly rounds within the zoo. A gorilla pickpocketed the zookeeper's keys. As the zookeeper says goodnight to the animals the gorilla unlocks the cages right behind him. All the animals follow the zookeeper home. This is a great bedtime book for your preschooler.
781678: Last Night at The Zoo Last Night at The Zoo
By Michael Garland / Boyds Mills Press

The animals escape from the zoo and go out for a night on the town in this rhyming picture book. Recommended for ages 5 to 8.
280832: The Baby Beebee Bird The Baby Beebee Bird
By Diane Redfield Massie / HarperCollins

The baby beebee bird, new to the zoo, is singing his song ALL NIGHT LONG! Nothing the animals do or say will stop him. Until, that is, they come up with a plan to teach the baby beebee bird that nighttime is really best for sleeping, especially for little birds.
2873009: At the Zoo At the Zoo
By Creative Teaching Press

"At the Zoo" is a beautifully illustrated easy reader that teaches children about animals that live in the zoo. Each page shows a photograph of a portion of an animal, along with clues to its identity. Turn the page and the identity is revealed, along with basic facts about the animal. The animals featured in "At the Zoo" include: a tiger, a peacock, a lion, an elephant, a camel, a parrot and a zebra. Softcover, 16 pages. Grades 1-3.
92008X: Zoo Guide: A Bible-Based Handbook to the Zoo Zoo Guide: A Bible-Based Handbook to the Zoo
By Answers In Genesis

When you visit the Zoo, you get to see many wonderful and exotic animals that act as a testament to God's creation. Yet unfortunately, Zoos often present their plaques and information about animals in light of evolution and other modern ideas. This convenient book was created in order for you to have a reference that wouldn't refer you back billions of years, but that would give you clear information about the animals' class size, habitat, diet, and other fun information. Features and notes about God's design are also included along with a full-page, full-color photo. More than 100 animals are featured! 219 indexed pages, softcover, plastic-spiral-binding.
4800818: If I Ran the Zoo If I Ran the Zoo
By Dr Seuss / Random House, Inc

If Gerald McGrew ran the zoo, he'd let all the animals go and fill it with more unusual beasts--a ten-footed lion, an Elephant-Cat, a Mulligatawny, a Tufted Mazurka, and others. Take your 4- to 8-year-olds in to the wild world of Dr. Seuss' immagination. A 1951 Caldecott Honor book.

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