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Nativity Sets for Kids

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505386: Tales of Glory Nativity Playset Tales of Glory Nativity Playset
By Cactus Game Design

Tales of Glory Nativity play figure set includes 17 pieces in full color, designed for kids age 3 and up. Experience the true story of the birth of Jesus Christ with detailed people and animal figures, stable, tree and story book in large gift set. Includes Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, 2 angels, three king figures, two shepherds, camel, donkey, two sheep, stable with star, palm tree, and barrel of hay. Child-safe PVC figures fit easily into the hands of small children. Long before Christmas, children can interact with the Bible story of Jesus' birth as described in the Gospels. Endorsed by Focus on the Family.

"A long time ago, the Son of God was sent to Earth to be born as a tiny baby named Jesus. It was a very exciting time!" (Matthew 1:18-25; 2:1-2:23; Luke 2:1-39)

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78369: Birth of Baby Jesus Tales of Glory Figurine Set Birth of Baby Jesus Tales of Glory Figurine Set
By one2believe

Full color figurines for children age 3 and up include Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus with manger, from Tales of Glory, for interactive playtime fun and learning about the Nativity. Each figure, fashioned of PVC, is child-safe and fits conveniently into the hands of small children, without sharp edges. Includes mini story book of Baby Jesus' birth; packed in see-through blister box, ideal for pre-Christmas giving, for Sunday School lessons, and for biblical Bible storytelling. Figures are approximately 3" tall.
  • Endorsed by Focus on the Family
  • ----------
    77323X: Nativity Story Cookie Cutter Set Nativity Story Cookie Cutter Set
    By Lighthouse Christian Products

    Start a new family tradition by baking and giving away cookies that tell of Christ's birth! The Nativity Story Cookie Cutter Set will help your kids remember the wonder of the Son of God coming to earth as a tender child and share the magnificent Christmas story with others. The set features 12 metal cookie cutters and includes a booklet with devotional notes and Scripture verses for each cookie cutter. Attractive packaging.
    38081X: Nativity Puppet Glove Set Nativity Puppet Glove Set
    By Roman, Inc.

    Children can reenact the Nativity story with cute and fuzzy puppet gloves, each finger featuring a felt character from the story. Child size gloves are suitable for Sunday School, for children to play with in church, and for making the Christmas story come to life for little learners.
    850684: Plush Nativity 4 Piece Play Set Plush Nativity 4 Piece Play Set
    By Cactus Game Design

    Fun, fluffy, and squeezably soft, this kid-sized display will bring Jesus' birth to life for your little ones! Doubling as a carrying case, the manger holds Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus. Measures 12" x 10" x 5.5".
    55010X: My First Nativity, 5 Piece Set, Fontanini Collection My First Nativity, 5 Piece Set, Fontanini Collection
    By Roman, Inc.

    Fontanini nativity adds exceptional beauty to your Christian Christmas display. Prized for its lifelike sculpting, meticulous hand painting, and attention to detail, each Fontanini design is synonymous with the fine quality associated with this world-famous name in Italian craftsmanship.

    In stable setting are the figures of Mary, Joseph, and the Christ child, with one sheep figure. Blue details on backdrop of woodtone open stable. Five-piece set ranges to 3.5" tall. Ideal for families, this is entitled My First Nativity.


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