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Christian Music for Kids

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CD3745: 118 Songs Kids Love to Sing! 3 CD Set 118 Songs Kids Love to Sing! 3 CD Set
By Starsong

From "My God Is So Big," "What a Mighty God We Serve," and "The Wise Man Built His House upon a Rock" to "The Wheels on the Bus" and "The Itsy-Bitsy Spider," this super-sized split-track sing-along is packed with songs every kid should have in their "joyful noise" repertoire. And the price will give you something to sing about! Three CDs.
CD01719: Music Machine: The Fruit Of The Spirit CD Music Machine: The Fruit Of The Spirit CD
By Bridgestone Group

A delightful production that kids will love while it teaches valuable lessons! See below for track listings and RealAudio sound clips. Recommended for ages 2 to 7.
CD13324: Cantos de Alabanza  (Songs of Praise), CD Cantos de Alabanza (Songs of Praise), CD
By Cedarmont Ninos / Provident Music Distribution

&#161Disfrute de 15 canciones cristianas cl&#225sicas para ni&#241os en este CD ampliado! Este CD contiene 30 minutos de m&#250sica que son repetidas luego en formato de canales separados para que sus ni&#241os puedan cantar junto a la m&#250sica. Adem&#225s la parte "Enhanced" de este CD incluye p&#225ginas con acticviades y de dibujo junto con las letras en tama&#241o grande que pueden ser impresas en su computadora personal. Recomendado para las edades de 3 a 7.

Los clips de audio de este producto est&#225n disponibles para escuchar antes de la compra, solamente seleccione el link pr&#243ximo al t&#237tulo de la pista o seleccione el nombre de la pista para tocar dicho clip.

Enjoy 15 classic Christian songs for kids on this enhanced CD! You'll get 30 minutes of music that's repeated in split-track format so your kids can sing along to the music. As a bonus, this enhanced CD features 10 coloring/activity pages, and an expanded version of the lyrics can be printed using your home computer. The lyrics are also in printed in the CD booklet. Recommended for ages 3 to 7.
CD701727: pureNRG CD pureNRG CD
By pureNRG / Word Entertainment Inc

Join Caroline, Jordan, and Carolyne, also known as PureNRG, for twelve tracks of upbeat dance pop, fun vibes, and positive, encouraging lyrics. Includes "360," "Live My Life For You," "Thy Word," and more.
056226: Sunday School Musical, DVD Sunday School Musical, DVD
By Faith Films

This school has all the right moves! Two competing groups of high school students must rally together and enter a song and dance competition in order to save their youth center from closing. Featuring a hot 21 songs, Sunday School Musical is wholesome family entertainment with an inspirational message! Special features include cast and crew commentary, sing-along selections, gag reel, and more! Widescreen. Approx. 85 minutes.
001160: The Kids Hymnal: 80 Songs and Hymns 3-CD Set The Kids Hymnal: 80 Songs and Hymns 3-CD Set
By Hendrickson Worship

Listen to and sing along with the music from The Kids Hymnal! This 3-CD set has the 80 songs you'll find in The Kids Hymnal. Created by Grammy-nominated producer Stephen Elkins and Dove Award-winning arranger John DeVries, each song is recorded in Split-Track format so kids can sing along! They'll enjoy learning classic hymns along with contemporary songs and choruses. Perfect for children's choirs, Sunday school sing-alongs, children's church, or family fun at home!
CD76328: Snazzy CD Snazzy CD
By Go Fish / Gfk Records

Get funky with your kids while putting on their "jammies." Start a mosh pit with David and Goliath. And learn the books of the Bible in three minutes. All without going crazy! Includes "Gotta Move," "Love Like This," "Just Rock," "Hit the Drum," "Bible Book Bop," "The Mom Song," "Superhero," "Itsy Bitsy Spider," "Saved," "American Kid," and the title track.
CD16626: Kids Sing Bible Promises A to Z Kids Sing Bible Promises A to Z
By Wonder Workshop

Help your little ones remember the letters of the alphabet---and learn that God keeps his word! Includes "Answer Me," "Bless Me," "Comfort Me" . . . on through to "EXtend Grace," "Watch Over You," "PriZe of Heaven," and 20 more.

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