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Grade 8: BJU Press Homeschool Curriculum

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Writing & Grammar 8

221721: Writing & Grammar Grade 8--Home School Kit (3rd Edition) Writing & Grammar Grade 8--Home School Kit (3rd Edition)
By Bob Jones University Press

Learn the elements of the English language needed for success! Correct grammar and a fluent writing style are fast becoming necessary requirements in our fast-paced world for academics and for life. Writing & Grammar 8 reviews the eight parts of speech,five basic sentence patterns, while emphasizing correct grammatical usage. Students will complete writing projects such as scripts, fables, essays and more.

Kit Includes:
  • Student Worktext
  • Teacher's Edition
  • Tests & Answer Keys

  • Vocabulary 8

    249490: Vocabulary Student Worktext, Level B (Grade 8), Third Edition Vocabulary Student Worktext, Level B (Grade 8), Third Edition
    By BJU Press

    Vocabulary becomes difficult when students are expected to memorize long lists of words...especially when that's on top of the new terminology they're learning in math, science, English, literature, and practically every other subject! Teach them how to actually figure out new words with BJU Press! Students will explore vocabulary principles, including where English came from, what common prefixes, roots and suffixes mean, and how we can discern the meaning of new words based on previously understood concepts. Contextual exercises model the correct use of a word, while fill-in-the-blank, writing, games and other types of exercises provide continual practice. Cumulative Reviews included. 49 pages with index, softcover. Grade 8. 3rd Edition.

    Bible Truths

    217687: Bible Truths B, Student Edition, 3rd Edition (Gr. 8) Bible Truths B, Student Edition, 3rd Edition (Gr. 8)
    By Bju Press

    This student text book covers Old Testament history from Creation through the formation of Israel and the era of the kings to the captivity and return. This overview will familiarize students with the broad outlines of the Old Testament while teaching them principles of personal character development. Both Bible content and practical application are taught in this text. In addition to explaining, illustrating, and applying a passage of Scripture, each lesson includes Scripture reading, memory verses, key terms, and questions for personal reflection. This third edition has undergone a significant visual updating, with new designs and colorful pages. When used with the other Bible Truths levels, this book forms a part of a practically-oriented, full-Bible overview.

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