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Homeschool Families Blog

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Grade 1: BJU Press Homeschool Curriculum

View ALL BJU Press Curriculum >>

241786: Math Grade 1 Homeschool Kit, 3rd Edition Math Grade 1 Homeschool Kit, 3rd Edition
By Bob Jones University Press

Math 1 utilizes the concept approach, making a thorough understanding of math the primary goal of each lesson. Problem solving skills, early exposure to calculator technology, systematic learning and review, Christian principles and enjoyable lessons create apt learning conditions for student and teacher. This kit includes the teacher's guide, tests, test answer key, student workbook, review book, and student manipulatives.

236182: Bible Truths, Grade 1, Homeschool Kit 2006 Bible Truths, Grade 1, Homeschool Kit 2006
By Bob Jones University Press

The basics of a God-centered foundation in life are molded early through the examples set by parents, and as children grow older, through diligent instruction. A Father's Care established the principles needed for additional study later in life with full color pages and age appropriate text and questions. Lessons establish the authority of Scripture, aid children to recognize their need for a savior, familiarize them with basic Biblical stories, encourage practical application of Biblical principles and connect the Bible with historical events and other subjects. Coloring, fill-in-the-blank, cut and paste, multiple choice, crossword puzzles and more comprise an an enjoyable and reverent workbook. The Teacher's Guide contains the instructions for the student book, enrichment activities, crafts, memory verses and other portions of the program. Classroom pinups, tests, and test answer key are also included.

Kit Includes:
  • Teachers Edition
  • Student Worktext
  • Student Materials Packet
  • Tests and Answer Keys

  • 236240: Science Grade 1 Homeschool Kit 2006 Science Grade 1 Homeschool Kit 2006
    By Bob Jones University Press

    Introduce your first graders to the world of physical science with this all-in-one kit. The physical sense, space, plants, matter, animals, basic laws of motion, air, weather and more are all covered in age-appropriate detail with colorful pictures and photos. Activities at the end of textbook chapters help bring concepts to life with additional reinforcement. The Teacher's Guide provides a short preview of the lesson with objectives, material lists and explanatory instructions, detailing what to teach and do for activities. Student pages are reduced with teacher instructions beneath. The Student Notebook contains activity pages, with matching, cut-n-paste, drawing and other types of notebook work; book is three-hold-punched to fit into a binder. 13 tests are included in the Test Booklet to assess and evaluate student performance and retention. Answers are provided in a separate Test Answer Booklet, with answers filled in; Answer Key pages are loose and three hole punched. A Listening Tape is also included to provide the actual sounds needed for teaching the lessons on sound.

    Student Text is 167 pages, softcover.
    Teacher's Guide has 217 pages of instruction and 53 pages of teacher resources. Softcover, wire-spiral bound.

    211813: English Grade 1 Homeschool Visual Flipchart English Grade 1 Homeschool Visual Flipchart
    By Bob Jones University Press

    The English 1 Visuals Homeschool Flip Chart is a reduced version of the flip chart that helps reinforce teaching of phonics generalizations and English skills. Pages are in full color and clearly emphasizes the phonics rules. Story character visuals, name word cards, color word cards, days of the week word cards and month word cards are also included. Visuals are in spiral-bound tablet form.

    211847: Phonics Grade 1 Homeschool Visual Flipchart Phonics Grade 1 Homeschool Visual Flipchart
    By Bob Jones University Press

    The Phonics 1 Visuals Homeschool Packet includes song charts filled with beautiful color photos and illustratingeach letter in the alphabet and some combination sounds. Updated phonics characters in paper-doll like format and a complete set of word family flash cards are also included.Approximately 95 sheets of visuals.

    221507: Spelling Grade 1, Home School Kit (Third Edition) Spelling Grade 1, Home School Kit (Third Edition)
    By Bob Jones University Press

    Spelling 1 gives students a foundation for good splling skills for the rest of their lives. Word families, word struction and dictionary skills are all covered.

    Kit Includes:
  • Student Worktext
  • Teacher's Edition

  • 221481: Reading Grade 1, Home School Kit (3rd Edition) Reading Grade 1, Home School Kit (3rd Edition)
    By Bob Jones University Press

    Compelling stories, cheerful illustrations and age-appropriate text encourage reading in children, and the Biblical themes reinforce Christian character. Phonics and discussion questions emphasize comprehension.

    Kit Includes:
  • Teacher's Edition Set and Toolkit CD
  • Student Worktext
  • Student Readers

  • 321465: Handwriting Kit Grade 1, Third Edition Handwriting Kit Grade 1, Third Edition
    By Bju Press

    Enforce proper letter formation by teaching age-appropriate writing skills, laying a foundation for lifetime penmanship skills. By using Scripture, poetry, words, phrases and sentences, students learn consistency through meaningful practice. Handwriting Grade 1 teaches precursive handwriting.

    Kit Includes:
  • Teacher's Edition
  • Student Worktext

  • ----------

    Items in Home School Kits may also be purchased separately:
    View All BJU Press Curriculum >>

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