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American Girl Historical Series Books

The American Girl Historical Series is a fun homeschool teaching resource for history. All American Girl products are not listed on this site. Everything always sold at discounted prices! Click the links below to see more about each American Girl.

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American Girl: Kaya
American Girl: Felicity
American Girl: Josefina
American Girl: Kirsten

American Girl: Addy
American Girl: Samantha
American Girl: Rebecca
American Girl: Kit

American Girl: Molly
American Girl: Julie


854235: Meet Kaya: An American Girl Meet Kaya: An American Girl
By Janet Shaw / American Girl Publishing

Kaya dreams of racing her beautiful mare Steps High. Her father warns her that the horse isn't ready, but when a pesky boy insults Steps High, Kaya accepts his challenge to race. As they ride, Kaya loses sight of her little brothers. Her carelessness earns her a nickname that her friends won't let her forget!

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70043: Meet Felicity, Paperback Meet Felicity, Paperback
By Valerie Tripp / American Girl Publishing

Meet Felicity Merriman, a spunky, spritely nine-year old girl who lives in Williamsburg, Virginia, in 1774, just before the Revolutionary War. She grows impatient doing "sitting down kinds of things", like practicing her stitchery or handwriting. She would much rather be riding horses. That's why Felicity is so excited to hear about a new horse in town. But the horse is owned by Jiggy Nye, the cruel tanner who beats his animals. Felicity sneaks off to visit the horse and falls in love with the coppercolored mare, which she names Penny. When Penny's life is in danger, Felicity knows she must help. Softcover edition.

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2475150: Meet Josefina, Paperback Meet Josefina, Paperback
By Valerie Tripp / American Girl Publishing

Josefina and her sisters struggle to maintain life in the rancho household after Mama's death. But grandfather arrives with a surprise from Mexico that lightens their hearts and brightens their future. Softcover edition.

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95019: Meet Kirsten, Paperback Meet Kirsten, Paperback
By Janet Shaw / American Girl Publishing

Kirsten and her family make the difficult journey from Sweden to begin a new life on the Minnesota frontier. Softcover edition.

More Kirsten >>


70752: Meet Addy, Paperback Meet Addy, Paperback
By Connie Porter / American Girl Publishing

Addy's family is planning a dangerous escape from slavery during the summer of 1864. But before they can make the escape, the worst happens to them. The family is separated when Master Stevens decides to sell some of his slaves. Addy and her mother take the terrible risk of escaping by themselves because they want to be free and because they hope the family eventually will be together again in Philadelphia. Set during America's own struggle over slavery, the Civil War, Addy's story is one of great courage and love--love of family and love of freedom. Recommended for ages 8 and up, from American Girl.

More Addy >>


95043: Meet Samantha, Paperback Meet Samantha, Paperback
By Susan Adler / American Girl Publishing

Samantha Parkington is an orphan who lives with her rich grandmother in 1904. There are many servants in Grandmary's busy, bustling household, but there is no one for Samantha to play with. That's why she's so excited when Nellie moves in next door. Nellie has come to work so that she can send money back to her family in the city. Even though their lives are different, the two girls become good friends. One day Samantha discovers that Jessie, the seamstress, is leaving. No one will tell her why. So she and Nellie plan a secret midnight adventure to find out.

More Samantha >>


695200: NEW! #1: Meet Rebecca NEW! #1: Meet Rebecca
By Jacqueline Dembar Greene / American Girl Publishing

Rebecca Rubin is a lively nine-year-old girl growing up in a big Jewish family in New York in 1914. She dreams of becoming an actress, but her parents and grandparents have traditional ideas and don't think young ladies should perform. When Rebecca learns that her cousins in Russia are in great danger and must escape to America, she puts on a show to raise money-until her disapproving grandmother steps in. Unexpectedly, Rebecca finds another way to earn money. But for her plan to work, she'll have to keep it a secret. Includes an illustrated historical "Looking Back" essay.

More Rebecca >>


50167: Meet Kit, Paperback Meet Kit, Paperback
By Valerie Tripp / American Girl Publishing

Kit longs for a big story for her daily newspaper for Dad--that is until she's faced with the news that's really bad. When Mother's friends lose their house and come to stay with her family, it's nothing but trouble for Kit. Then Kit's dad loses his business, and things go from bad to worse. Will life ever be the same again? Softcover edition.

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95078: Meet Molly, Paperback Meet Molly, Paperback
By Valerie Tripp / American Girl Publishing

World War Two turns Molly's family upside down. While her father is away, war breaks out on the McIntires' home front. Softcover edition.

More Molly >>


692575: #1: Meet Julie #1: Meet Julie
By Megan Mcdonald / American Girl Publishing

More Julie >>

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