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2015 Christian Inspirational Wall Calendars

View ALL 2015 Wall Calendars >>

546068X: 2015 Bible Verses Wall Calendar 2015 Bible Verses Wall Calendar
By Dayspring

A winning combination of beauty, inspiration, and utility! Featuring stunning color photos of God's creation and a monthly Scripture verse, this attractive 2015 Bible Verses wallcalendar includes large boxes to accommodate multiple appointments. Measures 12" x 24" (open).
938281: 2015 Our Daily Bread Inspirational Wall Calendar 2015 Our Daily Bread Inspirational Wall Calendar
By Discovery House Music

A feast for your eyes and soul every day of the year! Showcasing brilliant color photographs from nature, this 13-month calendar offers an easy-to-follow daily Bible reading guide and a monthly Scripture verse. Measures 10.5" x 24" (open). Spiralbound.
536434X: 2015 Church Signs Wall Calendar 2015 Church Signs Wall Calendar
By Dayspring

Church signs can be lighthearted or evangelistic, fun or serious, but their purpose is to communicate a belief, a message, or a welcome to passers-by. The 2015 Church Signs Wall Calendar features twelve vibrant photographs, each with an amusing and insightful quote, quip, or proverb - all courtesy of church billboards nationwide. Measures 12" x 24" when open.
546099: 2015 God Bless America Wall Calendar 2015 God Bless America Wall Calendar
By Dayspring

The 2015 God Bless America, wall calendar features beautiful images of American landscapes and historical landmarks. Let the encouraging words of KJV Scripture and the stunning photography bring peace and inspiration to you every month of the year, and may GOD BLESS AMERICA! Measures 12" x 24" open.
536185: 2015 Keepers Of the Light Wall Calendar 2015 Keepers Of the Light Wall Calendar
By Dayspring

Lighthouses act as beacons in the darkness for those who seek direction and security. The 2015 Keepers of the Light Wall Calendar combines devotional thoughts, encouraging Scripture, and beautifully photographed lighthouses to remind us each, and every day that God is our Light and our Refuge. Measures 12" x 24" open.
536366: 2015 On Eagle"s Wings Wall Calendar 2015 On Eagle's Wings Wall Calendar
By Dayspring

Let your heart take flight in 2015! On Eagle's Wings calendar for 2015 is a wonderful collection of photographs of majestic eagles along with KJV Scripture for a truly unique combination of beauty and inspiration. Let the power of these magnificent eagles and the truth of God's Word speak as a reminder of His power and sheltering love. Measures 12" x 24" open.
691778: 2015 Songbirds, Value Pack Calendar 2015 Songbirds, Value Pack Calendar
By Papercraft By International Greetings

Buy more and save! Four different designs for one low price! This 4 piece value pack includes a 16-Month Wall Calendar, 16-Month Mini Wall Calendar, a 2-year pocket planner, and a handy address book.

Features include:

  • Beautiful songbird artwork
  • 16-Month Wall Calendar; 12" x 11" (closed)
  • 16-Month Mini Wall Calendar; 5.75" x 5.5" (closed)
  • 2-year Pocket Planner with transparent vinyl cover; 3.75" x 6.375"
  • 25-page pocket sized address book; 3.75" x 6.375" (no Scripture inside)
  • Different Scripture verse every month on each calendar
  • All Scripture taken from KJV

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